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For the love of coffee (in SA at least)

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  • For the love of coffee (in SA at least)

    Ive learnt a bit & Im still learning. My real job is computers, and Ive always stated that "the more you learn the less you know". I think coffee is the same. So the questions are, do you live in SA? Do you know something about coffee? Would you teach/tell/show me and a few (say 3-4 ) others in say a 5-10min informal presentation? . In exchange (no free lunch concept), Im prepared to let you have a (gentle) play on our new toy (one of only 2 in SA & the only Blue one). You bring your grinder with your latest roast, and after your teaching is done, Ill show you how to adjust the extraction temp on the machine so you can try your beans at different extraction temps to see what really works. Im thinking early evening-ish, end of week-ish say early each month.
    Anyone interested (prob a limit of 3-4 ppl per night) - or have I got to do all my learning solo? PM me.