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Testosterone-charged coffee drinking

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  • Testosterone-charged coffee drinking

    What, may you ask might I have in common with Nathan Carnage Corbett?
    No, not his five world titles, his youth or his good looks!
    Well firstly, Id imagine, wed both prefer Campbells Chunky, Fully Loaded soup to sushi. Then I know we have the same favourite coffees, DiBella and Merlo. Hence we have the same favourite coffee outlets. Only problem is that he always seems to be there before me and is always lounging in my favourite seat no matter what espresso bar. What will happen if we arrive at the same time?
    Will there be a face-off?
    Will I become a new thread in CSs old post Coffee related injuries?
    Will there be a public outcry for coffee outlets to make their lattes in plastic containers?
    Dont worry, Ill probably agree to mind his/my favourite seats while hes overseas chasing title no.6
    And none of those Girlie coffee bars for us!.......err.....whats that youre saying?.....youve seen us both at that Mermaid espresso, the one with the polished wooden floors, retro furniture, chandeliers and mirrors everywhere......well its just that being the gentlemen we are, our partners sometimes get a choice !

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    Re: Testosterone-charged coffee drinking

    Just read the Bulletin and it says that Nathan has this weekend been involved in the Muay Thai fight of the century in Montego Bay Jamaica. It appears that he has knocked his opponent out twice (by mistake of course) which apparently is not in the rules and so was not awarded the victory. The newspaper goes on to quote him saying "I am an angry man at the moment!" .....looks like Ill have to get used to some new favourite seats!


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      Re: Testosterone-charged coffee drinking

      Ive met one of his sparing partners.
      Not as good as Nathan but he hits hard, damn hard.

      Where did you see him?
      At Bowen Hills?

      Lucky I wasnt there, I would have unloaded a can of whoop a*s for him to throw at me.


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        Re: Testosterone-charged coffee drinking

        I used to serve coffee to Josh Sexton of evolution promotions just about every day off a coffee cart years ago. Hes a very nice guy! Ive also served Rick Spain of combat centres / and alfredo del brocco of wing chun and they are all some of the most interesting people that youll ever meet.

        Im kind of excited for my eventual trip down to melbourne.. Sam Greco owns a cafe somewhere down there and itd be great to check it out.