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  • General Coffe Knoledge?

    I Found out here in Sweden that the interest for coffee has escalated. I think it must be soehow the same around the world. Any ways although the bigg haus of coffee drinking, the knowledge is very much nada. People jhave lerned things like lastte and cappochino but when buying coffee they know notting. It´s like a black hole. Many coffee brands really wanna hide what´s really in theire coffee. Teh sell some chaep santos blended up with a lot of robusta(maby cannephora) and maby a squint of colombia and then they call it colombia blend. So after this drunken talk on this saturnight eh.. night. Isnt there anyone that is interested in the essens of coffee. I think there must be much more to do around coffee and coffee drinking. Like if you read a book about coffee they name arabica and robusta. But coffee is much more. like liberica. stenophylla and some none coffein sorts on madagascar.

    how erver it would be interesting to know what you think about the big thing around coffee.

    I think this topic beacem little of what it was supposed to be but i post it anyway!

    Cheers. / alex