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    Im interested in doing a barista training course, preferably accredited. Im getting quite good at home espresso but probably need help with latte art etc. Just in case Id like to do occasional work at a cafe or maybe one day open my own cafe, i thought Id like to do a really good course and get good quals. Any advice? I like in Hobart but would like to do barista study in Melbourne. What are the good ones in Melbourne?

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    Re: barista training

    Hi hobartbuzz.
    For a great Barsita course just go to the side of this page and link into Coffee Academy Melbourne. This is at the William Angliss TAFE with Jill Adams and staff. My Missus did the course Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee there as part of her VET Hospitality teaching requirments. A great course and so many machines, milk, coffee to practice on. Fantastic setup. We both started on ABC of Espresso Coffee (including roasting your own grren beans in a pooper) and we loved that. Chris 2mcm was our teacher then. Great courses. Just off Spencer St and accomodation of all grades nearby if you are looking for a place to rest your weary head. Yes it will cost to get your qualifications. But you come out with your Certificate. As well when in Melbourne why not take in a vist to other sponsors who hold coffee schools such as Di Bella, Chris etc. and get in even more practice and knowledge. Coffee Snobbers are just so lucky with the depth of expertise there is to tap. Go for it. Good Luck Herbie.