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  • Barako

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum but a real coffee lover. I live in Hong Kong but own land at Pinagtung-Ulan Batangas Philippines. The land is interesting because it was the first location of coffee plantations in the Philippines although it fell out of production some 50 years ago. Its perfect for coffee production with just the right climate, an altitude of 800 metres and volcanic soil. Small hills and some shade.

    We have planted 30,000 barako coffee seedlings from the University of Cavite. They are not grown from seed but cloned so that every plant is the same! The original plant was selected as the “best barako in the Philippines” both for test and cropping potential.

    For those that don’t know Barako it’s a Philippines version of Liberica, yes there are varieties other than Arabica and Robusta. Its also grown in Java but the taste is quite different from our Philippines variety. It’s the largest coffee bean and is very high in caffeine with a strong, pungent and sometimes earthy taste. It’s not for everyone and the high caffeine does give a real buzz.
    Anyway our plants are in their third year and in 2010 we will have a small crop with which we intend to experiment to see what can be achieved with this variety through careful bean selection, roasting and blending. We intend to pick the coffee at least twice in the season to ensure only red ripe berries are picked and will use two or three different methods to arrive at the green beans.

    We want to produce an estate espresso blend (and we think this variety has great potential) and a more general blend for strong black coffee and as a base for latte etc. If any of you guys are interested in helping and having some fun, we can send you green beans from 2010 but any input, knowledge or thoughts would be gratefully received

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    Re: Barako

    In two words...

    Originally posted by 5D49524259535F300 link=1247416046/0#0 date=1247416046
    strong, pungent
    ...would be similar to my description too!

    An "interesting coffee" from the just 2 times that I have tried it. I would be very interested in have a crack at a better quality crop though.
    (send me and email... )

    It will be interesting to follow your progress.

    Good luck!