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  • More than 15 search results?

    Not really coffee related but Im not sure where to put this...

    This forum is a wonderful source of information for coffeesnob newbies such as myself. To make the most out of it and to avoid repeating questions that have already been answered, I like to use the search engine, but am finding the maximum of 15 results quite limiting.

    For example I just received an Imex roaster today (woohoo!) and did a search on Imex see if I could get some pointers regarding its use, but the results I got from the search pointed to 15 posts from the same thread... not all that useful (the search engine I mean)

    Is there any way of increasing the number of search results?

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    Re: More than 15 search results?

    Hi Bloop,

    If you use Google to search this site it will bring up all the relevant posts. For a Coffeesnobs site-specific google search just add "" to the end of your search terms (e.g. Search field = "Imex") or add "" in the field labelled "Domain" on googles Advanced Search page.




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      Re: More than 15 search results?

      Thanks Rob, thats a great search tip there, worked well cheers


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        Re: More than 15 search results?

        Great tip... i had been having the same issues with the way the CS search is set up.

        Thanx Robster