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Cholesterol in Espresso

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  • Cholesterol in Espresso

    Just when you think youve started getting consistent, satisfying results with your espresso equipment you read an article about the unfiltered coffee, especially espresso causing elevated ldl cholesterol levels. Its a borderline problem with me personally but at my age it could become a problem.

    Do I need to switch to pods to reduce the risk or should I just stop reading those articles? I havent heard that its a serious problem in Italy but I suppose that may come out eventually. Any thoughts on this cholesterol issue?

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    Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

    From what Ive read it is not fully understood and I think they are currently saying to avoid "large amounts" of coffee. (I suppose they think that two doppio ristrettos for breakfast would be considered a lot? ;D)


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      Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

      Originally posted by 7E707D726573721C0 link=1247713418/1#1 date=1247714062
      I suppose they think that two doppio ristrettos for breakfast would be considered a lot?
      Thats not much, only about 60-80g mls of coffee.
      Not even half a standard metric cup of 250mls


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        Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

        Originally posted by 1F392E2A3930335C0 link=1247713418/0#0 date=1247713418
        Do I need to switch to pods to reduce the risk  
        Not sure about pods .. but paper filtered coffee has been found to remove the lipids that increase LDL levels.  This is one of the reasons why I drink Aeropress coffee and only espresso occasionally (once a week at the most)

        And my own anecdotal evidence ... I get the "jitters" if I drink more than two espressos.   I use to think that this was the "caffeine" but Im now tending to believe that its more the "heavier" stuff like Diterpenes, Cafestol and Kahweol .. the stuff thats filtered out with paper.  I also think these elements are in more abundance in "Darker" roasted coffee.   You often hear people say that they cant drink coffee because of the caffeine, but those same people can have as much Coke-cola, teas, chocolates, energy drinks etc. and not have any adverse reaction.  I believe these people (like me) are having a reaction with these heavier elements and not "caffeine".   I know that I tolerate lighter roasted coffees better than dark roasted coffees and I can drink more Aeropress shots than espresso shots.


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          Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

          Current non drug company research states that women with higher cholesterol levels live longer than women with lower levels and that unless you have heart disease your HDL/LDL ratios and totals are just numbers. Those numbers however are what sell statins not what determine your actual risk.
          au d2 I agree entirely with your anecdotal self assessment, as I regularly have friends telling me 2 coffees down town give them the jitters while 2 of my triple basket flat whites do not.



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            Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

            Hi Cervelo,
            I have high blood pressure and take medication for it. My last blood test from memory, showed a good level of cholesterol, I cant remember the numbers. I have a latte with breaky then when I get to work I have an espresso usually a double and at night I will have a latte.
            One thing you hear from Doctors is dont have salt! So I havent added salt to food and because Dad has Hypertension and Grandad had it I havent had much salt since I was a kid.The last test I had showed very low levels of salt. The doctor has since told me to add a little salt here and there.

            So I think everything in moderation is fine.

            Also I have found myself drinking more syphon coffee lately if that helps


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              Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

              Thanks all. I think martybean sums it up with "everything in moderation". I enjoy espresso too much to give it up but I think Ill go back to singles and only occasional double or triples.


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                Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

                I think that cholesterol from coffee is way less of a concern than from other sources.....
                There are many other foods, such as meat, pastries, etc that could be much higher in Cholesterol than a sensible daily intake of coffee,
                unless you have eliminated or significantly limited your intake of these other foods, the coffee contribution on this front should be negligible.

                Additionally, cholesterol itself is not a problem, your body needs some to function properly, it is excessive amounts that are the problem.


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                  Re: Cholesterol in Espresso

                  Re: jitters

                  Most commercial coffees (generalisation here!) are, I suspect, well over-extracted. This increases the caffeine content enormously. As redzone relates, two commercial coffees provide way more jitters than two of his triples!

                  I actually react more to lighter roast coffee, and cannot tolerate instant at all (headaches mostly, but jitters after two cups as well).

                  When Im at home I can drink two doppio ristrettos at breakfast and have no negative effects whatsoever.

                  I also find that pushing more water through the grounds actually decreases the amount of flavour in the cup! So my coffees are now exclusively ristrettos--whether black or piccolo latté style.