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  • Choc Coated Coffee Beans

    Hello All,
    Can anyone recommend a good, choc coated coffee bean retailer & supplier? Preferably in NSW, but ill take anywhere in Aust.


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    Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

    i was given some just the other week, they were quite tasty and came in a little beige display box... which of course doesnt help you much.
    they were also speckled in colour.

    from memory.. they were called "Coffee Shots"
    but i cant be certain. sorry


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      Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

      found em....... 8-)

      ps. they are the only type ive ever had so i could be way off....


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        Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

        Hey guys,
        Im a big fan of the choc coated bean and have tried a few! I recently got some from Bella coffe in Qld that were very tasty. Check out:
        The kind crew at Bella also sent me some of their Australian grown green beans which I am experimenting with at the moment.. might post a revue some time soon. Maybe coffeesnobers might like to get hold of a few bags?


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          Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

          Sole importer
          6/48 Elisabeth St Campsie
          02 9787 8200
          I Have a Card somewhere with the Guys name, but not handy..

          My Brother works out of a a Office Next door, Got me lots of goodies last year.

          please Mention Peter from Semicos Brother as a Reference as He gave me some cards, and a refferal is good for Biz .

          Beans he got me were individually wrapped, and very nice, Got me Cups and also some Organic Coffee in Kilo Bags, Choc Sachets, Flavoured Coffees etc ..


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            Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

            Sorry to tell you guys but Haighs in Adelaide do the best choc-coated coffee the last 2 companies Ive worked for, anyone coming to Adelaide from Syd/Mel used to be given a shopping list for Haighs (now its also Krispy Kremes if theyre going to Sydney).


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              Re: Choc Coated Coffee Beans

              Gday all,

              This company in Junee makes really great choc coated coffee beans as well as all sorts of licorice and its all organic if that helps