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  • New thought on freshness

    I have been home roasting (heatgun) and extracting with Silvia & Rocky for a year and within the last 3 months I finally feel I can say I am getting reasonably consistent results.

    I have started to notice differences within the crema of my shots as the roasted beans age. I accept that generally speaking ‘the fresher the better’ and roasted beans over 2 weeks old are next to useless for quality espresso. I have found recently that beans which are 1-5 days old produce what appears to be small bubbles / oil spots on the surface. After about a week the extraction shows none of these bubbles/oil on the surface just beautiful creamy crema which also seems to increase the mouthfeel and quality in the cup.

    I am not sure if this is a common situation or something lacking from my barista skills but my theory is that ‘the fresher the better after 5 days rest’.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: New thought on freshness

    Would have to agree with you Dan,
    I spin out at how much the whole flavour profile can change over a few days. That last Peru we got the other day is a good eg. I roasted it to about 10 secs into second and then let it rest for ca36hr. When I pulled a shot the aftertaste was very strong and quite unpleasent. 24hrs latter, yum!
    Glad I didnt chuck the whole 2.5kg which was my first thought.


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      Re: New thought on freshness

      Alan from CoffeeCo mentioned to me that extremely recently roasted beans are not ideal for espresso extraction. They need to rest for 24hrs at least. Dont quote me, but I think it has something to do with carbon dioxide gases that build during roasting and need to "air out" or something.

      Either way.. I know he said that beans that have rested for 24hrs after roasting will be much better than completely fresh ones.



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        Re: New thought on freshness

        some beans need more rest than others. Ive had 7 day old ethiopian harrar, that was still too gassy and needed more rest.


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          Re: New thought on freshness


          It also seems that coffee needs some time to develop flavour, ideally several days or even more.

          I used to think that coffee wasnt much good after a week or so but I now think that roasted coffee can easily last a month or longer without losing much flavour.

          Mind you older coffee may lose even more of that trapped gas and may well not have much crema.

          Crema is important for espresso but obviously matters not for plunger coffee which I enjoy at work. I had some month old Kenyan recently. In fact it spent most of the last month ground up in a container in the freenzer. It was still a lovely cup of coffee.