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  • Thanks Chris and Talk Coffee

    Well, I picked up my new GPP tonight from Chris of Talk Coffee, and, after a quick chat, rushed home like a madman to start enjoying her lovely bounty.

    With a sense of awe, child-like wonder, and a bemused wifey watching on, I started unpacking the box (what packaging!).


    Placing the GPP on the bench (after a bit of rearranging of other bits, grinder etc), I drank in the beauty of this machine

    But only for a moment...... theres work to be done!

    Following the instructions carefully, I filled the tank, checked that the knobs, switches, seats and tray-tables were all in the correct positions, and with the phrase "batteries to power, turbines to speed Batman" going through my brain...... I flicked the switch


    Im not normally a fan of green personally, but Im always happy to make an exception for the right reason...... and this ladies and gentlemen.... is the right reason.

    Running GPP through her warm-up and watching that beautiful, newly designed gauge creep up to 1 bar was an absolute joy.

    Shot time!!

    The first pour came out nicely, a reasonable "mouse tail" flow rate and very nice crema, but I could tell that the grind was slightly on the fine side. Tasting confirmed it.

    I backed off the grind a tad and went for it again.

    Absolutely spot-on!

    The most wonderful 25 sec pour, sensuous speckled crema, and a taste that cant be beat.

    Until now I had never experienced a machine that was so well dialled in out of the box, that a single grinder adjustment has me in nirvana.

    Chris and the guys at Talk Coffee know their stuff! No doubt about it.

    Thank you guys, the entire process was an absolute pleasure. If I had an elephant stamp, youd get two!

    Anyway, Id love to talk further, but Im off to make a coffee....or three...or four :P


    Caff (Dan)

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    Re: Thanks Chris and Talk Coffee

    I remember some of your posts and your love of the Silvia

    Great to hear that you have welcomed the new family member a new GPP to your home and in appreciation you have been rewarded with coffee nirvana

    Have a coffee for me  and enjoy the ones to come  



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      Re: Thanks Chris and Talk Coffee

      Hehehe thanks KK.

      I still have a special place in my heart for Miss Silvia

      Ive had to move her into another room though for fear of having a jilted lover on my hands