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  • Nemox Fenice - opinions!

    Hello everyone, just new to the group.

    I am considering buying a Nemox Fenice at a very nice price. I was trying to hold out until I could afford a Silvia, however the Nemox I believe also has a good reputation and at the moment is very much cheaper. I ask for opinions as to whether I am losing much on quality and results with the Nemox?

    I promise I wont hold any opinions as binding to anyone who ventures them.

    My thanks,

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    Re: Nemox Fenice - opinions!

    Hiya Sir V,

    I guess it kind of depends on what your ultimate coffee drinking is going to be, i.e. if you like and will stick with milk based coffee drinks like Lattes or Cappas, then the Fenice is every bit as good as a Silvia for a lot less money as youve mentioned. However, if you prefer drinking straight Espressos, Ristrettos and Long Blacks, etc then I would recommend holding off until you can afford a Silvia.

    Alan Frew of CoffeeCo in Melbourne is considered to be somewhat of a coffee doyen here in Australia and overseas too. He has a lot of info on his website about the pros and cons of various espresso machines and even a match-up contest between an Imat Mokita Combi (a la Fenice, etc) and a Silvia here....

    His evaluation is worth reading and will perhaps assist you in making a choice between the two. All the best and - Welcome to CoffeeSnobs [smiley=thumbsup.gif],



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      Re: Nemox Fenice - opinions!

      Hi Mal, thankyou very much for your welome, your reply and your tips. In the end I opted for the Nemox as I do drink far more milk based coffee than I do straight Espressos and Ristrettos etc, and the Nemox was at DJs in Newcastle for $404.00 on special.

      It had been a special order which had never been collected. At $221.00 off its normal price it was a real bargain. I have also coupled with that the Sunbeam EM0480 Grinder as a result of reading Alan Frews article and some of the posts on this list.

      I do appreciate that the Silvia is in many ways something of a home based "dream machine" but I do have to say that the coffee I am now drinking at home from my Nemox Fenice is wonderful and with practice will only get better - I would expect.

      Anyhow, thanks again and cheerio for now,
      Sir V. [smiley=dankk2.gif]


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        Re: Nemox Fenice - opinions!

        Sir V.,

        You are most welcome ,