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  • Getting bigger by the hour!

    I received some roasted coffee thru the mail and roast date says 13th August so was keeping it for a few days before opening it as advised on another thread. The bag is getting very tight (obviously with all the gas coming out of the beans) and am wondering if the valve is faulty and if so, what should I do? I am new to this so hope this doesnt seem like a ridiculous question! Go easy now....

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    Re: Getting bigger by the hour!

    give the bag a little squeese and see if thew valve lets the pressure out and take in the arroma. Dont press too hard. I really dont think the bag will explode if the valve is blocked but I have been wrong in the past.
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      Re: Getting bigger by the hour!

      That has worked - slowly but surely. Thanks.


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        Re: Getting bigger by the hour!

        the valve will only let CO2 out when it is under pressure... so it will always blow the bag-up fully before gas escapes. I have never had a valve bag pop.

        As for resting, stop reading and start tasting!

        We have CSrs that love their coffee a day old, and others that appreciate a rest period pf 2 weeks. The real beauty of getting coffee shipped to you the day it was roasted is that YOU CAN CHOOSE what works best for you and your equipment.

        Try it 2 days old, try it again every day and make some notes as to what changed in the flavours. You will find a point that you prefer and next time you will know YOUR answer to "how long to rest" question.

        Everyone else can only tell you what suits them, there is no correct answer except what suited YOU.



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          Re: Getting bigger by the hour!

          ... a rest period group handle 2 weeks...
          ROFL - Ducked the spell checker but got slammed by the auto group handler  ;D