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  • Coffee at work.

    Last Friday, the cafe contractor at my workplace finished up to make way for a new one today...

    Last Week = very old 2-group Rancilio (complete with a snowman growing on the steam wand) , Gino Rossi grinder with an ever-full doser. No skilled Baristi but also low on pretention. Was using Cottles coffee delivered reasonably regularly.Coffee tasted baaad.

    This week = A nice new shiny 3G SanMarino with a copper bottom (the wand is clean so far), the same Gino Rossi grinder. Fridays staff are now wearing white and blue Lavazza polo shirts with the word "Barista" emblazoned on the back (I guess that means they are skilled now). All singing-dancing Lavazza trimmings (bags of Lavazza Super_crema on the counter, Lavazza chairs and Umbrellas). Big pretension factor.
    Coffee still tastes like poop but theyre talking themselves up big and schmoozing with the Exec staff. There ya go eh????