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  • Auto Edited - boring blatant plug removed

    Whats with this "*boring blatant plug removed*"  - all I was providing was information relating to the source of the cafes beans as this is often an indication of the quality of the coffee on offer - in this case *boring blatant plug removed*?

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    Re: Homebush

    We have had issues with them self promoting (to the extent of spam) on the forum before so their name has now be censored. Its unfortunate but they decided to blatantly disregard politeness so they have been stopped from plugging their product here.


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      Re: Homebush

      So their name "can never be mentioned" - I can see your point but I think this is possibly curtailling freedom of information to an unnecessary level.   I quite understand the problem with spam but I find the phrase *boring blatant plug removed* relating to something I have written in good faith to be quite insulting.

      mod edit- original post has now been modified to remove the term. The auto-correct would have been set for the reasons described by MM above. Somebody didnt play fair I suspect. If the cafes good, its good! People who choose to visit wll no doubt be able to ascertain what brand of brown is served.




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        Re: Homebush

        Originally posted by 4E73721C0 link=1251281340/4#4 date=1251328294
        *boring blatant plug removed* relating to something I have written in good faith to be quite insulting.
        Its a filter automatically applying these words Idler. You arent being singled out.

        This is a sponsored website and I think its reasonable that the site owner and sponsors may not want other beans being promoted.


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          Re: Homebush

          And if memory serves me, someone trying to plug this cafe in question did have a somewhat dubious few posts a little while back.

          I reckon this is what led the particular name to being added to the filter list.



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            Re: Homebush

            Its not the cafe in question thats the problem - its their coffee supplier.


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              Re: Auto Edited - boring blatant plug removed

              Originally posted by 6E53523C0 link=1251281340/7#7 date=1251339650
              its their coffee supplier.
              ...who could have shown CoffeeSnobs more respect that to spam us.
              (even after warnings and requests not to self-promote)

              I do feel sorry for the cafes who use a supplier that acts in that way and the way around that is to mention the cafe (as your post does) and not the offender.

              PS: Ive split this off from the "good coffee where" thread as its way off topic now.