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A Huge Coffee Plantation Nextdoor!!

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  • A Huge Coffee Plantation Nextdoor!!

    I have stumbled upon a bit of a gem in the last few weeks. I live in Rockhampton QLD and there is an enormous coffee plantation only 40 minutes away. I have ordered beans from them and they will be delivered next week. These guys run tours and I have been told by a friend that its a great day out!!! I cant believe I have lived here for 10 years and I never knew! Anyway this is their link if you want a bit of a read:


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    Re: A Huge Coffee Plantation Nextdoor!!

    Stumbling on a coffee plantation sounds deliciously illicit -- like stumbling on a marijuana crop!

    Sounds like you have found an endless supply. Let us know what Rocky coffee is like.



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      Re: A Huge Coffee Plantation Nextdoor!!

      Will do. The guys seem really nice to deal with. I have bought a 1kg bag and they have thrown in a 200g sampler for $22. That seems like pretty good value to me. The only thing is they dont roast their beans on premisis, they are trucked to Brisbane and then back to Rocky for distribution. I have been assured that the beans will reach my door within 48 hours of roasting so they will still be extremely fresh!!! Anyway Ill keep you posted on the how the coffee tastes!!