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  • 2009 AASCA AGM

    Last night the AASCA AGM was held at the Dolphin Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW. A lot of VIC guys, as well as some SA crew came up for the meeting. Poor turnout from the NSW crew

    Ross Quail was elected as the new President

    Rob Forsyth was presented with his lifetime membership.

    We were graced with a presentation from Tony Marsh whose brain I want to steal in regards to coffee, processing and the amount of research gone and going into the coffee industry at our backdoor (Indo, PNG)

    The newly launched AASCA site ( is going to be regularly updated with news and info of coffee happenings around the nation, so check it out!

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    Re: 2009 AASCA AGM

    Yeeza and other AASCA members, Ive been considering an associate/enthusiast membership for a while now, mainly because Id like to get involved and where possible provide support for event presentation and logistics. Of course, there is always the hope that Ill learn more about coffee by osmosis ...

    Anyway, I guess its hard to tell from the previous and current website whether thats even wanted or feasible. Member benefits seem to be centered around competition entry locally and internationally. Im not asking a cost/benefit question either, I have no issue with the cost of membership for someone who wont be entering competitions.

    I guess Im just trying to get a bit of a feel for how much of a closed shop (for want of a better term) AASCA is for non-industry types. Thanks!

    congratulations to Rob Forsyth for his lifetime membership


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      Re: 2009 AASCA AGM

      From Ross Quail:

      Hi All,

      On Friday we held the AGM and here are some updates;
      Executive Members
      President/Chairman - Ross Quail VIC
      Vice President - Bill Comley SA
      Treasurer/Secretary - Tom Beaumont VIC
      Ordinary Member - Ian Callahan SA
      Ordinary Member - Mark Barun SA
      Ordinary Member - Bruno Maiolo VIC

      There may be some shuffling of positions based on available time, I will let you know as they occur.

      The Association needs a new Public Officer who lives in NSW. If you can help that would be great. The role is largely a passive one which involves the storing of the members register. If you can help to fill this position please let me know, we need your help.

      Tony Marsh - Coffee Consultant was the guest speaker and was incredibly informative. Tony is one of the foremost coffee researchers in the world who specialises in agronomy. He recently spoke at the SCAA symposium which was about $900 a head and was the talk of Atlanta.
      AASCA will continue to provide members access to Tonys studies through his papers for the Australian Governemnt posted on the website and the staging of a seminar later in November at a venue to be determined.

      If you havent renewed your membership nows the time, so jump on the website and pay online. The new E-commerce site for AASCA provides an invoice and all the details you need instantly which is a great step forward.
      Competitions and Judges accreditation are also payable online so giddy up.

      Rob Forsythe was offically welcomed as a Life Member of AASCA and it was put forward that George Sabados who helped to found AASCA be nominated a the next Life Member.

      Great to see the guys who started it all and put in all the work in the past are getting the recognition they deserve.

      This year is shaping up to be a big one so buckle up.

      All the best,

      Ross Quail