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"Cuppers", "Baristas" and two ends of the beast ...

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  • "Cuppers", "Baristas" and two ends of the beast ...

    Hi all,

    There is a very interesting review on of some coffee from Thailand.  Jim and Bob got their hands on three samples of the same arabica coffee; one was a peaberry, another was passed through a civet and another was chewed and spat out by a civet (sort of like the monkey parchment coffee, I guess).  This is quite interesting in that it is one of the few investigations of the effect of animal processing in the cup. It also picks up on recent discussions about "cupping" and espresso and rates the coffee separately for each (as all of Jim and Bobs reviews do).

    In a nutshell, Jim and Bob rated the peaberry and spit coffee as better for brewed coffee and the passed coffee as better for espresso.

    Check it out:


    PS.  Mods feel free to move this thread to the cupping room.