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Taste difference in non-pressurised gear?

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  • Taste difference in non-pressurised gear?

    Hoping you coffee experts will have the wisdom here...

    I have just become the lucky owner of a naked ghandle and non-pressurised basket and have made a few coffees so my utter surprise, they taste better?...the only difference I know of is the pullman Tamper (which is also naked ie: minus a handle at present ;D) nothing else has changed...dose, beans, , grind, time of pull etc are all pretty much the same...but somehow the bitterness that was present in the pressurised gear has gone. I even tried this naked gear with nasty supermarket beans and the taste is far better than it used to be...

    Could the delightfully tactile pullman tamper that perfectly fits the basket make such an immense difference to my coffee? My old tamper is a generic stainless steel job that was about 1mm shy of fitting the basket, but I thought it did a fair job.

    I dont drink espresso so am only judging this on Lattes.

    Am intertested to hear what you guys think...thanks....

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    Re: Taste difference in non-pressurised gear?

    I think that your right on the mark with the pullman tamper and non pressurised basket.

    Its amazing what a good tamper can do for an even tamp and therefor much better and even extraction.
    Did you get the naked group handle at the same time as your tamper? if so go back to your old tamper for a shot or 2 and observe the extraction closely compared to the new Pullman and youll see what i mean about the even extraction compared to the generic tamper.
    A naked group handle can also teach you a heap about your tamping. I thought i had a fairly good tamping techinque until i nakedised my group handle and boy was i onto it now though

    Have fun with the new toys purple