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    I had some bad experiences today, and I was reading through the posts and found this:

    Originally posted by Matt G link=1140401244/0#12 date=1140566444
    This is why I would like to see a recommended list of cafes that other snobs can suggest as being worth a visit for each city and even suburb. I dont necessarily need a stamp of approval but would like to know that if Im in the city then XXXX is a good choice for a cuppa because they at least attempt to concentrate on the end result and have other redeeming features.

    BTW does latte art mean a good cuppa? If a barista can be bothered to add some art does it mean that they will be concentrating on the other aspects of coffee making such as extraction and looking after their hardware.
    What a great idea! I havent seen any threads like this, so if there is one, can someone please point it out to me and feel free to delete this post.

    Otherwise, here is my current list of recommended cafes in SYDNEY, in no particular order:
    • Allpress, Rosebery
    • Campos, Newtown
    • CoffeenThings, Randwick
    • Cafecito, Randwick
    • Bar Coluzzi, Darlinghurst (not Randwick!)
    • Latteria, Darlinghurst
    • Gusto, Bondi Beach

    Allpress is my favourite out of the lot.
    Bar Coluzzi in Darlinghurst is great, but the one in Randwick is not recommended by me, but I would love to hear otherwise from someone else. I went there for the first time today and the lady who made my coffee didnt tamp at all (no, not even the tamper on the grinder!). I did not drink the coffee I bought there. I walked on and passed a place that I had never seen before, but the digital timer sitting on top of the coffee machine caught my eye and I went in and was pleasantly surpised - it was a new cafe (opened 2 months ago) called Cafecito.


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    Re: Recommended Cafes


    Im going to Adelaide tomorrow morning for a few days. According to the member map there are 8 members in S.A. so cmon guys how about a couple of suggestions for somewhere to go for an espresso in and around Adelaide.



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      Re: Recommended Cafes

      Sorry if its a bit late, Doxhead, but try any of the Cibo Espresso cafes, or Urban Bistro (at Rose Park). Consistently the best coffee in Adelaide. Steer clear of Kappys in the CBD, as their coffee is the worst I have ever tasted. The only time Ive ever paid for a coffee and not drunk it.


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        Re: Recommended Cafes

        Hi Folks,

        There actually is a thread on this board covering this topic already.

        Quite a bit of comment and opinion proffered.

        Enjoy the read.



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          Re: Recommended Cafes

          you *NEED* to check out Single Origin in surry hills, and Mecca near town hall. Seriously.

          Top baristas at both cafes, Single Origin roast on site, and are an all naked (PF) cafe. Mecca have a modified mistral! And they have the world latte art champion working there, as well as Alex Kum.