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  • Does this make sense?

    At this point in my coffee journey I have lots of thoughts going through my head about different types of coffee and their place in the scheme of things.
    Every now and then I get dragged into a cafe I dont usually frequent and find myself confronted by bags of Vittoria on the shelves. This fills me with dread as I do not like Vittoria in any of its forms as I find it too bitter or too sour or too something for my taste. Because I rarely drink milk based coffees I invariably end up with a long black or similar which I dont enjoy. The milk drinkers seem to think it is fine however, and I am wondering if Vittoria is a brand that aims at the majority of people who drink milk coffees rather than the minority who drink it neat. I am talking here about the ability of a coffee to cut through the milk as opposed to a more mellow one that gets swamped by the milk. Do you know what Im saying?

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    Re: Does this make sense?

    I suspect it has more to do with milk coffee than Vittorio (or any other "brand" coffee).

    Lots of milk and sugar are capable of making poor coffee drinkable, even though they dont make it good. After all, coffee is not only a drink, it is also a flavour.

    Before I was as fussy (and educated) about coffee as I am now, I could drink a long white coffee with sugar almost anywhere. I still put both in my coffee now, but less of each, and rather than just having a coffee, I appreciate the finer flavours.



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      Re: Does this make sense?

      I know what your saying Rocky but i think youll find it not the brand that is to blame.

      Its more often the barista or the machine setup being used to create your beverage.

      I know a lot of baristas that dont actually taste the espresso from there machine..instead only making a milk based drink at the start of there shift to judge where the machine is at and not getting a proper taste for non milk based drinks.
      This often results in over/underextracted shots which are not so noticeable once diluted with milk and sugar.