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Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

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  • Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

    well to be more specific, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.
    I have no idea why I am even entertaining the idea, but as its there I am sorely tempted to go here for a factory tour, and just to see what a liberica bean tastes like
    I would offer to send back some Kopi-O, but i doubt it would get through customs.

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    Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

    Lucky you,
    Borneo is one of the places I would like to visit one day,
    if circumstances permit...
    Please let us know if you get to try the liberica bean and what you thought about it.


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      Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

      Linnaen its not customs, its AQIS (quarantine) that wont let it in, the people in the maroon and brown uniforms with the little beagle dogs.


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        Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

        they should let roasted coffee through, but obviously thats not the best option for freshness...


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          Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

          HI Linnaen. You will love Borneo. Are you going to climb Mt Kinabalu? Its a test of mental stamina more than anything and well worth the view at the summit.

          You may find Kopi O hard to take after drinking espresso. Its quite strong and very sweet. Personally I cant handle it, but my partner doesnt have a problem with it. I cant imagine why you would want to add other ingredients to a wonderful roasted bean other than milk.
          Anyway each to his own! I was in Borneo in August this year and only had time to go to Sarawak, otherwise I would also have visited the Cap Kuda Coffee Company. Next time. But I did search for a decent coffee whereever I went and only managed to find one cafe that came close.
          This was in Kuching, so if you are going to Sarawak try it for yourself.
          The address is 87, Ewe Hai Street, Kuching. They roast their own beans and I really enjoyed their Liberica,( and the lovely shortbread biscuit that came with it).

          I bought one of their cute drip filter cups and some coffee beans packed in an outer bag of typically woven Borneo design. Because I was spending many weeks in an apartment in Penang I was able to keep it in the fridge until I returned to OZ and gave it as gifts.
          Liberica coffee is planted on the lowlands of South Western Sarawak, mainly from the Bidayuh villages and Chinese farmers.
          The coffee has full body, low acidity, smooth mellow flavour and exotic aroma. I was impressed to find a cafe where they had a passion for coffee. The owner was kind enough to show me his very antique original cast iron roaster which belonged to his Grandfather. He is now the proud owner of a newer model from Italy.

          By the way, in Penang (West Malaysia) the original local coffee is made with coffee beans, sugar sesame seeds and butter, creating a thick, very strong souplike coffee that is drunk with sweetened condensed milk.
          Malaysia has yet to embrace speciality coffee culture, but it will happen.
          Have a great trip, and dont forget to see the gorgeous Orang-utans at Sepilok Sanctuary.


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            Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks

            Have a great time there!

            Originally posted by 202522222D29224C0 link=1255952673/0#0 date=1255952673
            just to see what a liberica bean tastes like
            It wont be your highlight of your trip if they are like the ones Ive had.


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              Re: Im off to Borneo in a few weeks


              I am from Borneo - from Sarawak (Miri). If you get the chance - go check out the Mulu caves, the largest cave complex in the world - absolutely magical experience.

              Kota Kinabalu is great too...they HAD a beautiful coral island, I remember going there as a kid and it was a sea of rainbow! Too bad now its all dead and white ....great water sports tho!

              As for the coffee in malaysia....just not the same anymore after tasting real coffee....but that Cap Kuda place does look interesting!