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  • No substitute for quality

    Day off today so the high point of my morning is a good coffee. (what could be better on a Friday?) Just finishing the end of my Ceja de Selva which is now almost 6 weeks old. You would think it would be making pretty ordinary coffee at 5+ weeks but it has just made a cup that is better than anything I can buy in local coffee shops.(yeah, I know that doesnt say much)
    I love the feeling of satisfaction and peace with the world that a good coffee brings.
    I am reflecting on the fact that if you start with a good machine, add a good bean, and have a few clues about what you are doing then all the ingredients are there for a good (or better) cup of coffee every time.

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    Re: No substitute for quality

    Hey Rocky, I hear ya! Fixed my own machine last night/today and had my first decent cuppa in 4 weeks (heck of a wait on parts) - Cant tell you how many times I left cafes muttering under my breath about how its pretty simple to make good coffee - why is the whole concept of keep it clean and dont burn the milk completely ignored by most places? Very satisfying indeed to just make a good cup for yourself!

    And no nightmares about what crap was blown out of the filthy steam wand into your milk! 8-)