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French Coffee - Robusted?

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  • French Coffee - Robusted?

    Hi - Im in New Caledonia on business and have a drip filter machine in my apartment room ;D but no coffee

    So off to the local Supermarket where there was a choice of about 8 different brands - none of which I recognise - and selected the one with the prettiest picture.

    What is amazing to note is the high content of Robusta coffee in these brands - all of them had at least 30% Robusta with the maximum being 70% Robusta!

    Is this usual of the French?

    I must say the bag might have had the prettiest picture but it certainly is not a great taste! ... how i yearn for my own home roast....and my slippers.


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    Re: French Coffee - Robusted?

    Dont recall reading anything else about New Caledonia, but in France it has been noted on various occasions (elsewhere on this site) that their idea of good coffee is quite a bit different to most nothing would surprise me.

    Possibly the issue in New Caledonia is as much to do with where it is (and their best options for roasters etc), as it is to do with the inherited French heritage.

    Apart from that, blends with up to 30% Robusta can be quite nice, if the Robusta was of good quality to start with.....