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Our Coffee Quest Weekend

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  • Our Coffee Quest Weekend

    My Wife and I spent the weekend in Melbourne for our annaversary and decided to check out some of the best places for coffee.
    We went to:
    7 seeds
    Liar Liar
    Auction Rooms
    Di Bella
    Deadman espresso (Roast by 7seeds)
    Sweet Agora
    And tried to get into StAli but couldnot squeeze through the door.

    So for the whole weekend we did not consume one bad coffee (not suprising) had a BLAT at Liar Liar (recomended) and thought the 7 seeds house roast the best for us. we had latte at every place to compare apples with apples as such.
    The service at DiBella was outstanding. The shade sail made of milk crates at the auction rooms was intresting as was the door handle (PF) at Liar Liar. 7 seeds had a great atmosphere whil not feeling crowded.
    All in all a great weekend was had and some great coffee was consumed. Now to replicate it at home.
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