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  • Vacuum Coffee Maker

    I had a brief look in the forums for a post on this, but didnt find one.  

    Does anyone have any experience with

    Im not sure of the science behind it, but it seems somewhat like an espresso pot, forcing water upward, through coffee.  What this one claims is that it removes sediment in the process, something neither a french press or espresso pot can boast.  

    Im tempted and curious and wanted to know what you all think about it!


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    Re: Vacuum Coffee Maker

    Gday AndyJ and welcome to Coffeesnobs.
    The items your referring to are known as siphons/syphons or vac pots down under. I (and many others on this site) have similar ones to this, and theres various brands to be had also, Hario, Bellina are 2 that spring to mind.

    If you do a search using one of the following terms:-
    - vac pot
    - siphon
    - syphon
    you should come up with hundreds of posts. You can either go through the site search feature or google.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey.