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Congratulations Coffeeparts.

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  • Congratulations Coffeeparts.

    I would like to thank Cilinia at Coffeeparts for her excellent service.
    Ordered a couple of items yesterday at about 10.30 am and they arrived on my doorstep (150 km north of Adelaide) this morning just before lunch, Im impressed.
    Have purchased from them in the past and service has always been well above average, highly recommended.

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    Re: Congratulations Coffeeparts.

    Have to second that Jon. I too have received excellent service everytime i have ordered parts from them. very prompt.


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      Re: Congratulations Coffeeparts.

      x3 I think they use an F18 to fly their deliveries around ;D


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        Re: Congratulations Coffeeparts.

        Originally posted by 737871747469100 link=1258697865/2#2 date=1258836088
        x3  I think they use an F18 to fly their deliveries around ;D
        Certainly the most switched on Aussie company Ive ever dealt with.


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          Re: Congratulations Coffeeparts.

          I agree with the other comments about Coffeeparts here. Always professional and prompt service with parts...but how many CSs are aware of the behind-the-scenes efforts that Coffeeparts put into their espresso machine sales?

          I would like to praise Coffeeparts for the effort and service that went way-above and way-beyond when I purchased a new espresso machine from them a few months ago.

          Pedro was extremely patient with my many questions and reservations (when I was considering a new machine) and with La Marzocco. He was the go-between.

          Anyone who has had dealings with La Marzocco (in Florence) and their Australian agent would be aware of the uncompromising way in which they conduct their business. I had written e-mails to the factory and spoken to the Australian agent and felt extremely frustrated about the whole process. It was going nowhere. Until I talked to Pedro about purchasing a LM I had just about shelved the whole idea.

          Coffeeparts was able to patiently negotiate and communicate between them and me in a way that I remained feeling ok....and trust must have been an extremely frustrating process for Pedro! Each query that I had was e-mailed to the LM factory and each reply was phoned-back to me by Coffeeparts. The whole process from my initial enquiry to taking delivery of my machine took around 6 months!

          I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Coffeeparts for new machine sales.

          From one incredibly satisfied customer I simply have these words to say....

          Thank you Pedro and Cilinia. Keep up the great work!