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  • Cafe Frèddo

    I did a bit of a search and couldnt find anything about that Italian classic, the cafe frèddo.

    Its a superb summer drink and with the weather warming up I thought it was a worthy reminder.

    Americans and Australians tend to make cold coffee with milk, this is much less common in europe where it is typically made without milk.

    In Italy I have mainly seen it made by the barista with a cocktail shaker, but a bamix works just fine.

    I make an espresso doppio and add a good teaspoon of sugar and stir in, in a milkshake beaker, (any narrow, tall container would do), i put half a dozen ice blocks and then hit it with the barmix.

    It turns into a creamy froth throughout and i then pour it into a chilled wine glass, the coffee very slowly separates at the bottom leaving a big creamy head - it looks a bit like a glass of Guinness!

    Very refreshing!

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    Re: Cafe Frèddo

    Well thats it - Im firing up the pav and trying this right now. 40 degrees here!!


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      Re: Cafe Frèddo

      How was it? :-?


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        Re: Cafe Frèddo

        equipment failure... might have to break out the big blender for this one. Hand blender couldnt fit into the base of the milkshake cup!
        And I got in trouble for making myself coffee drinks when I was meant to be getting ready to go out! Will try again this arvo - looking like another scorcher and Im the cafe opener today so thatll be a perfect project for when I get home.

        What I did end up with was pretty much a black iced coffee... not too bad, but no pretty icy frothy head!