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Baristas wanted for a new venture in Brunswick VIC

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  • Baristas wanted for a new venture in Brunswick VIC

    Thank you to admin for allowing me to post this so early in my time at Coffee Snobs.

    Hi guys,  

    We[ch8217]re looking for 2 baristas to work on a new 3 group machine in a 50 seat café in Brunswick. We[ch8217]re going to start with the house blend and bring in single origins once everyone[ch8217]s settled and you[ch8217]ll be pouring into quality thick walled cups and glassware. At the moment we[ch8217]re painting and the cabinet maker is rebuilding the old counter that was in place and making it a great space to work. The building is an old Victorian terrace and we[ch8217]re adding some age to what was a pretty modern looking place inside. We[ch8217]re expecting to open around Christmas for breakfast and lunch with food along the same lines as some of Melbournes better cafes. I[ch8217]ve got nearly 30 years experience in hospitality behind me and we[ch8217]ve planned this solidly for 6 months. If you[ch8217]re interested or know someone who might like some hours please contact me. I[ch8217]m looking for chefs and cooks as well who are willing to learn as where possible we[ch8217]ll be making everything we sell.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Tones. 0417 588 297