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  • Beanbay order - Star Couriers

    Dear fellow Coffeesnobs,

    This last weekend, I ordered a kilo of the much renowned Espresso WOW blend for my home consumption.

    I selected the "Star Couriers" option for delivery, previously I had  used Aussie Post.

    Monday morning, as usual I recieved the "Your order has shipped" email, and all was well.  Imagine my surprise, when at 3:00pm Monday, my wife sent me an sms saying "youre coffee is here"...!!!

    I have never before had a courier do same day delivery between cities (Im in Melbourne), so just had to post here and make a note of it!

    Thanks Andy for the option of Star Couriers, Im one very happy customer.

    Next week, my mini mazzer from talk coffee will love to eat those beans!  cant wait!



    (edit: to spell coffeesnobs correctly. lol)

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    Re: Beanbay order - Star Couriers

    Oh, I must just add, that Aussie post has always been good too, next day delivery every time, just was impressed by the same day service, as its never happend to me before!