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  • After coffee mint

    Today I went into a Coffee shop that recently opened near my house, and on the saucer were two mints. I kind of questioned does this show that they are not confident with the taste of their coffee and are giving you a way of getting a possible horrid taste out of my mouth. As the coffee was not the best tasting and it aided the removal of the taste. Also I ordered a latte, and got a cap served in a latte glass. I think it is polite they give a mint with it, but also shows lack of confidence.

    What do others think about mints with their coffee?

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    Re: After coffee mint

    Its for that ring of confidence; allowing you to enjoy your coffee without fear of subjecting future companions to malodourous coffee breath.


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      Re: After coffee mint

      A place we visit offers after dinner mints / and other treats... Depending on teh season / time.

      Is it to hide any bad coffee... Na... And if my wife does not get hers... The staff know... OH... And she is getting fusser than me these days with the coffee.

      I actually find a good choc mint enhances the taste... But each to their ow.

      If I am trying to cover a bad coffee, it has to mask the bad taste to start with.. Which syrup would you like with your coffee SIR... GJ without a doubt.