Perhaps one to move to the news section.

The Brazil COE auction is on tonight/tomorrow morning. This is the tenth COE in Brazil, which I think is a great milestone.

I thought that there were a few interesting samples; my favourites were two that ranked in the teens that tasted like they might be great for espresso. One was like a great pulped natural or natural Brazilian coffee on steroids: big body, nutty, chocolate, low acid and a bit of fruit. Another was really sweet, with vanilla and cream. For brewed coffee, I thought that two in the twenties were great. One was fairly low in acidi, sweet and clean with a lot of orange. Another was juicy, with cream and nectarine.

Mark D from Seven Seeds wrote a nice article on his experiences judging at this COE in the broadsheet, so if you see one in Melbourne you might want to snag it.

I know that a few Aussies are bidding on this auction, so best of luck to them!