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Which cups? help please :(

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  • Which cups? help please :(

    Im a 16 year old guy from Sydney and Ive started work with my older brother at a cafe he came second out of the states from a coffee competition, so I may as well ask him to teach me, but the problem is I get mixed up which coffee goes in which cup...

    The ones I know are


    -Long Black
    -Flat White
    -Short Black

    Are there any missing ones? Because I know these arent all the coffees. It would be great if you could help me with what other coffees go in which cup.

    ~Thank you!


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    Re: Which cups? help please

    youve got the basics covered there, although and Espresso and a short black are the same thing, and I think that to a large extent, short black has slipped from the vernacular a little. It helps to know what it means, but it isnt any different to an espresso AFAIK

    One question though, why would you put a macchiato in a glass? surely youd just serve that in the same cup as you would an espresso? a demitasse for instance?

    good luck and enjoy your coffee journey!


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      Re: Which cups? help please

      Originally posted by 7E776C757E737B160 link=1264857022/1#1 date=1264862932
      One question though, why would you put a macchiato in a glass?
      Err, I serve it in a piccolo glass cause I think it looks pretty that way.  :-[


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        Re: Which cups? help please

        Well size wasnt specified. We use the pic glass for short blacks and macs ... while a nice heavy little cup for the short looks good too, I think theres something to be said for presenting them with the depth of the crema on display, particularly if youre banging them out fast and the customer can see it settling from a really thick band.


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          Re: Which cups? help please

          I guess Im just not a fan of shorter, black coffees in glass. I think that glass does a lot for filtered styles, latte, piccolo latte etc, but for me I like my espressos and macchiato in a demitasse. Personal preference, of course