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NQ Gold (AUS)- opinions?

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  • NQ Gold (AUS)- opinions?

    Have ordered a kilo of NQ Gold espresso beans from a little ol Italian coffee farmer operating a family business in Nth Qld.
    I guess Ill find our for myself but interested in what the snobs on this forum think of this guys produce?
    I havent tried Aussy beans before but like the idea of supporting local small farmers when they produce a quality product.
    Preferably unbiased opinions which may exclude some peddling their own wares? Cheers

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    Re: NQ Gold (AUS)- opinions?

    cant say Ive ever had it before. Generally, I have been very happy with the beans Ive sourced from Australian farmers though.


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      Re: NQ Gold (AUS)- opinions?

      This is the guy here.

      mod edit: commercial link removed. please adhere to site sales and posting policy

      I havent tried his coffee yet but came highly recommended by a dude on another forum, so thought Id give his beans a shot or two.
      Seeing I ordered a kilo Im kinda hoping it appeals to my taste and not relegated to the back of my pantry for emergencies when Ive run out.
      Desperate times but not that bad that I use or keep  instant (is this even allowed to be named here?). Not that I go there, rather tea. :-/


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        Re: NQ Gold (AUS)- opinions?

        Moonshine, you might want to edit your post and remove the commercial link. Mr Maloberti is easy enough to find by Googling NQ Gold Coffee.