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  • coffee carts

    does anyone know how much a coffee carts go for- minus machine, grinder, fridge??
    Also where is brisbane to find them?? where make them??

    Thanks all

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    Re: coffee carts

    Originally posted by 2A2A2A242821212222470 link=1267446574/0#0 date=1267446574
    where make them??
    Any metal fabrication shop should be able to do it for you, like a truck body builder or welder.  As for the price, no idea.

    Then again if youre only likely to be making a small one, do you have any mates who are handy with a welder?  You might be able to save some cash by visiting a metal supplier and getting a mate to do the welding.


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      Re: coffee carts

      I saw one in ebay, enclose the link.

      mod edit- ebay link removed. Roolz are rules :

      Remember this cart have to be approve by the Council.


      Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre


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        Re: coffee carts

        In the US, most locales have pretty strict rules governing any commercial food establishment, brick-and-mortar as well as carts. Water and waste tanks, stainless for surfaces of preparation, seamless welds, etc. After construction they even my require an inspection for certification would could be costly on a one-off construction. Do some careful research before heading off down this road. In the long run, including resale if things go teets up, getting an approved cart second hand might be the best way to go.


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          Re: coffee carts

          As Renzo, posted the bay of evil is going to be the cheapest source The Brisbane one looks good. Even if you buy a complete one and sell off the bits you dont want. There was a stainless steel one in Melbourne with a 70s Boema in melbourne last week (no fridge) with sink, drawers etc but no roof that didnt get a bid at $3500.

          I am just finishing off a large mobile bench/cart to run out the front of my shop. Cost $99 (400km drive and $60 fuel too) of the bay of evil. Bench tops clad in Aluminium with Ripple Iron front and sides. Basic construction is of clad MDF which is fine with my local council. What they were concerned about is that ALL surfaces must be able to be wiped down so no raw timber.

          Fridge requirement, milk must be kept cold (well duh) You could keep it in a bucket of ice or fridge for all they cared and the colder the better for steaming anyway.

          As we are operating within a building with wash facilities already available and only doing take away coffees and no food it was a really simple process. May have helped I fed the Council health guy a double shot WOW Latte :

          Photos of mine to follow later on.....

          So what to do really depends on where you see yourself operating as to what bits you need to add.