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  • Your coffee week

    Not sure if this has been done but would be interested to hear your weekly habits.

    Every Monday arvo, unless something causes otherwise, myself and a mate do coffee for about an hour over at Venezianos, basically untill stumps are drawn at around 5.

    Average two or three days a week myself and/or missus and/or billy lids visit Elixir at Stafford which sits about 5 mins. drive from home 8-)

    If shopping at Chermside usually have one at Cafe XS (Di Bella served up usually not too bad) or Zaraffas (friend has just started working there who is quite particular as to how caffeine is presented).

    Now that Im back on day shift for a little while (finishing at 2pm and three of my days cover Thurs, Fri and Mon) will be stopping at Chic Espresso (7 mins walk from work) for a booster to get me home post shift.

    Two or three a day at work (bring in home roasted beans).

    One or two at home on work days, two or three on non work days.

    Really should factor these habits in when doing weekly budget ;D

    Luckily they dont ask your coffee habits when filing for bankruptcy

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    Re: Your coffee week

    We have 2 a day on week days at home and then maybe 3 - 4 on the weekends. Sometimes we go out for a coffee on a weekend, usually to Di Bella, which is at least a 40 minute drive. One of my 2 year olds often pipes up in the car "I want to go to Di Bella". Hes never had a babycino, but loves their biscuits.... We often sample new places but as money is short, I get terribly disappointed when we pay for coffee as a treat and it is awful so mainly we drink it at home.


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      Re: Your coffee week

      Where does one start? I usually begin the day with a flat white at home, or a chemex over ice if im in the mood.

      After the gym i usually visit either di bella, one drop, campos or caffeine espresso then head to work.

      Lunch time comes and i often go to Cup Coffee west end or Veneziano for an espresso or another flat white.

      Weekends i try to get out to chic espresso or my local at saabi on manson for the awesome cup cakes and veneziano coffee. Sometimes ill visit elixir, the coffee guy, or merlo, too.

      I really wish there was a great espresso bar on racecourse road!


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        Re: Your coffee week

        Monday evenings after working from 7 - 4 at the cafe the local snobs meet for a fun night of coffee related practices at Coffee Nirvana till around midnight.

        Tues & Wens are my days off and are often spent roasting down the back shed or attending to any plant maintaining.

        Thursday through Sunday is all work again at the cafe and sometimes some more roasting on Sunday afternoon.

        Coffee everyday before i leave for work and when i get home..then after dinner and again around 11pm if i dont have to get up for work the next day


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          Re: Your coffee week

          My week runs similar during the week -

          Morning Latte at either Cafenatics, Eclipse, Little Wish.

          Lunch Doppio Ristretto at either of the above usually a single origin.

          Home time a Doppio Ristretto again and after dinner a latte. Beans are usually some I have roasted or whatever I decided to buy from Seven Seeds or something.

          Thats a usual week without any messing about or going out with friends, sometimes I will do some roasting during the week.

          On the weekend its off for breakfast with my folks to one of many coffee establishments, we try and go somewhere new all the time. 3 Bags Full, St Ali, Proud Mary etc etc.