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Lets Hear it for the Boy!

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  • Lets Hear it for the Boy!

    Hmmm, reminds me of an old 80s movie!

    So, I was pouring my JBM beans into the grinder the other day, telling Bloke About the House (BATH) about how I was, and his words were:-

    "Oh, so is that your $100 per kilo gold label coffee?"

    "Yes" I replied with some trepidation, expecting a lecture on the economics of spending around $100 on a kilo of coffee beans.

    "I guess its not that expensive when you think about it - you get a lot of coffees out of a kilo of green beans..."

    All hail Pete the Great!!! Dont think Ill give this one up in a hurry and replace him with a new model any time soon!

    :-* :-* :-*

    Hey Andy, do you give a discount for buying 5 kilos of JBM???


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    Re: Lets Hear it for the Boy!

    lol good on ya Di! its good to have no negative pressure on the coffee obsession hey! (it may promote "some" friction at $100/k at my place though ;D)

    I think Andy had a deal going on for orders over 5kg, 50% off double the original sale price ;D

    Its true though isnt it, $100/kg = 50 doubles or 100 singles = $1 per shot......still $2 cheaper than a robusta blend at charbucks!!!!


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      Re: Lets Hear it for the Boy!

      Any chance of grabbing some of the drugs youve been feeding him, Di? I thought I was lucky to get away with some Kona.

      Good job matey ;D


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        Re: Lets Hear it for the Boy!

        You have got a good bloke there, Di.

        Tell him I said "hi!" and that I hope he managed to bring back home our nations new toys safely...