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    Hi all,

    After having my Silvia and Rocky for just over a month now, have just recently got around to getting some training at Di Bella.  Have been buying fresh ground beans from di bella for a number of years to use with my Breville Cafe Roma, so have been a fan of theirs for a while now, and always been impressed by their friendliness and enthusiasm, almost as much their coffee!

    On calling Di Bella about their complimentary training on offer, the staff were more than happy to arrange a time convenient to me to come on in with my own machine and grinder.  On arrival I was offered a coffee (I never can refuse!), and then settled in to try and and replicate something like what Id just been served with the help of the friendly Barista.

    Over the course of the next hour and a half, I was shown how to adjust the grinder, dose, tamp methods, and what to look for in a good espresso shot pour.  Following this we went on to milk steaming, and pouring the milk which was something I had been struggling with at home.  By the end of the session I was able to pour a shot over the correct time and volume, and got some nice sheeny micro foam in my milk, and even got a few tips on basic latte art (still need a bit of practice there).  

    It was good to see in action, all of the hints and tips I have read about here, and was surprised at how much I had already picked up.  Before I went home to practice some more, I picked up some of the Ali blend , a 600ml jug (to replace my 300ml) and a knock box, which all have helped with my coffee making.

    Over all, I was very impressed by the great customer service provided by Di Bella and would highly recommend their training to any one interested in improving their coffee making skills (especially newbies!).  Thanks Di Bella!