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Why the underroasted green tea?

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  • Why the underroasted green tea?

    While Pete was in town for the weekend, we visited 3 cafes, all of which are highly regarded and get heaps of press...

    #1 and #2, terrific espresso, expertly poured and roasted.....

    #3 also highly very regarded by many and has had a heap of press. I received underroaster, sour grassy espresso  . Sending it back wouldnt have made any difference as the philosophy of their roaster seems to be lets roast really light.

    I dont get why cafes run sipon roast through espresso machines? The result was foul and if I was rating it, 2 stars....

    Why are so many not roasting for intended purpose? If I want siphon or dripper, I order and enjoy it. I just dont want siphon espresso :

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    Re: Why the underroasted green tea?

    That bothers me too. Maybe they only drink black?

    I like a darker roast for espresso based milk drinks.

    The lighter, more acid roasts always make the milk taste sour :P

    Its why I got into home roasting.



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      Re: Why the underroasted green tea?

      I noticed it too where a couple of the "major" niche roasters have been roasting their single origins very light. Which have not produced great flavours and I avoided single origins for some time from a few places and instead went with the blends that are pretty much the same quality all year round.

      It was a phase they seemed to all go through at the same time.

      Seems most recently in the last week or so they have gone back to a good dark roast. The Yirg I have had this week has been spectacluar.


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        Re: Why the underroasted green tea?

        A lightly-roasted kenyan from Market Lane a couple of weeks back was by far the best espresso I have ever tasted in my life.


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          Re: Why the underroasted green tea?

          Ive been doing some light roasts at home recently and they have been great in pourover but definitely not espresso material, I roasted a COE Guat last week that was amazing at cupping and pourover but was revolting as an espresso
          horses for courses eh??


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            Re: Why the underroasted green tea?

            Granted, I roast a bit light, but its never more than just prior to 2nd crack.

            I wonder if it is trying too hard to emphasize origin characteristics?