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  • Ordering in a cafe

    One thing that bugs me about ordering a coffee in a cafe (apart from the fact that it mostly never tastes as good as home) is making my order intelligible to the waiter/ress. I basically want a double-shot short black. Seems pretty straightforward doesnt it... Well, the number of blank stares I have had after ordering one of those. So, one tries asking for a double espresso instead. They seem to know what this means but then they try to charge you twice as much as a single shot >. Oh, and then theres the rolling of the eyes when you ask for a bit of hot milk on the side. Aaargh! Why do I bother?

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.

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    Re: Ordering in a cafe


    I believe the correct thing to ask for is a "Dopio Ristretto".

    Dopio = double
    Ristretto = shot of espresso stoped before the 1 or 2 shot for a double.

    I like the Macchiato. Only in cafés I trust.

    Macchiato = shot with a dollop of steamed milk. If its done right it should taste like strong coffee cream. Well thats the way i like it. Sometime with a hint of chocolate flavour

    But being a Kiwi and not interested in sounding all hoytee toytee so I order a "Double Shot Short Mac". Which I have every confidence they will stuff up.

    Double Shot Short Mac = a double shot of espresso, pulled short (Single shot volume or ristretto) with a dollop of steamed milk (Macchiato)

    IMHO the double shot short mac is a high risk order and can be one of the nastiest drinks you will ever have if done badly.

    One day if Ive been really bad and need to be punished Ill go to *$$$ order it.