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I appreciate the advice

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  • I appreciate the advice

    A quick post to say thank you to all the experienced CSers for their informative threads  .  
    I picked up the coffee bug about a year ago when I was lucky enough to live near the Pioneer Roastery.  I discovered their great coffee only weeks before leaving the area.  Since moving to Central QLD and after reading many threads at CS, Ive picked up a 6910, a 450 and a Crazy popper.  With a bit of experimenting, Im now enjoying quite decent coffee - if I do say so myself.
    Am still very much an amateur and want to work my way up to a nice expensive machine and grinder, but have learnt how good a coffee can be extracted with cheapish hardware if youre using recently roasted beans, freshly ground and half decent technique.
    Thanks again for all the advise on roasting, hardware etc.  Without ever having to post a question Ive been able to learn a great deal.  

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    Re: I appreciate the advice

    Welcome CV...

    Opening post usually in another topic area... But your post / feedback and notice of intentions are all good..

    Warning... Central Qld... Then ya use to rocky roads