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  • Question about baskets

    I recently bought a Synesso double basket to use with my Rancilio having read the reviews and wanting to try a cheap(ish) upgrade. It seems to hold more coffee than the Rancilio original. If Im assuming that to make a double then I want 2 ounces of coffee in say, 27 seconds, doesnt it follow that I would have to grind slightly coarser for the Synesso than for the Rancilio?
    Obviously if the water has to get through more coffee grounds to make the same volume espresso shot in the same amount of time then I would have to grind coarser?
    I know a simple experiment of my own would solve this but Im interested to know if this is the right course of action, or am I meant to tamp more lightly or am I meant to allow more time for the shot to produce 2 ounces?
    I hope this makes sense.

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    Re: Question about baskets

    You are meant to use the grind/dose that gives the right amount of espresso in the time that you like :P.

    No... If you are wanting 25-30 second doubles you will probably have to adjust your grind with the new basket.


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      Re: Question about baskets

      likewise the new basket may have finer holes in it than what you are currently using. Also my experience is that each Rancilio has its own personality - what works for one machine might not work so well for another

      you are better off experimenting with one variable, such as tamp or grind, at a time - and then measuring the results

      also the golden rule (subject to variation) is 30ml from 30 sec - try aiming for this benchmark and see where it takes you (yes even from a double pour into a single cup(/\//\/Cheers,