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  • Dosing question

    Can I ask what the correct method is for dosing the right amount of coffee? Im using a Mazzer Mini, Silvia and Synesso double ridgeless basket (Ill put that in my sig).
    I dont have scales and so Im dosing by volume. Im reading that some people dont like levelling off with a straight edge as it might be updosing? I am dosing into the Synesso basket and then using the NSEW method of levelling and then swiping across the top of the basket (all of this with a small baby knife I stole from my daughter). In the absence of scales I dont know any other method of how much I should dose.
    Im asking as I was searching the forum for problems with dissipating crema. Im using Espresso Wow - roasted on the 6th of June (posting this on the 17th) and Im finding the crema is dissipating by 20 mls within about 10 seconds. One possible reason I read for this might be the user is updosing too much?
    Any advice, as always, is much appreciated.

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    Re: Dosing question

    Personally I dont think there is one correct dosing amount/method. It is more about being consistent and getting your technique to the point where you can be fairly accurate between doses, which requires practice.

    If you think you are putting too much coffee in why not down dose a little. Instead of leveling off with a straightedge use something curved. You can use your finger to do it, but if you want to ensure consistency then use the other side of the knife or something you have curved. If you decide you want to updose then introduce a tap or more at halfway or when the basket is full of coffee.

    I imagine if you asked people how they dose on this forum you would get a lot of different opinions. For instance my standard dose is fill half way, tap three times, fill the remainder of the basket, use the stockfleths move and then level and tamp. If I want to downdose without adjusting the grind I might not do any taps. If I want to updose without adjusting the grind then I introduce taps after filling the basket.

    My advice would be to play around and see what works for you and what gives you the result that you desire.


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      Re: Dosing question

      theres alot more to dosing than simply leveling off or not at the end. If you settle the grinds before levelling or as I do, settle midway through dosing and then again at the end you can end up with a huge amount more coffee in the basket than simply levelling it off.

      And who said there was anything wrong with up-dosing? Who decided what up-dosing was for that matter. Go into places like brother budda budan and they all level off.

      If you dont like levelling off flat you can get those scotty calaghan tools, pretty expensive for bits of plastic but they do help in being consistent.

      For the record, I settle mid way and then again before sweeping the grounds around with my finger a few times and depending on how the shot is pouring will tamp it with a small mound in the middle or level it off.

      At the end of the day, just dose however gives you the best shot.


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        Re: Dosing question

        Gbatterly - I use a LM double basket in my Silvia and I do weigh my beans. I whack in between 17 and 18g in the basket. I found up-dosing to 21g (which fits, kind-of) results in channeling.

        Maybe you could give that dose a whirl and then adjust grind towards perfection. I get very nice shots! (I have a Macap M4C grinder and a Silvia..).



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          Re: Dosing question

          Gday "gb".....

          This set of How-To videos by ECA is probably close to the best explanation of how to get the best out of your gear....

          View and then apply....



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            Re: Dosing question

            Many thanks for all the replies. The videos were especially helpful. Ill try that in the AM.


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              Re: Dosing question

              Try the 5¢ test. A search will give you the relevant details. Distribution is also important.