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  • Japanese Coffee

    I want to know which blend of coffee beans to they use in Japan to make what they call "American Coffee".

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    Re: Japanese Coffee

    Any beans will do just take them home and put them in the oven and roast them till theyre black - ha ha ha ha!

    Seriously though American coffee is often roasted to full city roast which we dont often do here in Australia as we prefer a lighter roast

    how are you planning to prepare the coffee? Because if its a filter or syphon method there are many fine local coffees to choose from - try your local roaster or purchase from bean bay here at coffeesnobs


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      Re: Japanese Coffee

      askthecoffeeguy is spot on ...

      The beans themself dont matter a whole lot when roasted that dark either... they dont call them "charbucks" for nothing

      When i think "American Coffee", i think filter coffee or drip coffee.