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  • Espresso shot

    Hi all, I am new to the coffee world...

    I pulled a shot this morning and it was a 15s shot...which indicates it was underextracted...however, it tasted bitter....shouldnt only overextraction lead to bitterness?

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    Re: Espresso shot

    Consider a few more things that could cause bitter or even sour may have been what you were getting.

    How long did you warm the machine before pulling the shot and what type is it? Even if the machine said it was ready think again as most machines need 20-25 minutes at least to come fully up to temp and 40 minutes is not unheard of. On the time thing too not all shots over 30 seconds are bad either on my Izzo some shots of over 40 seconds have actually been really good

    Welcome too


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      Re: Espresso shot

      Is it possible it was sour rather than bitter?  :-?

      Many people taste sour towards front palate and bitter towards the back- e.g gag reflex with poisons.

      Its not difficult to get bitter and sour together in an underdosed, chanelled shot prepared with too finely ground coffee. I call it the donut....all at the edges and nothing in the middle