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hate it when... it goes wrong...

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  • hate it when... it goes wrong...

    Gotta hate it when you think everything is right... Good grind, well dosed, nice level even tamp *this is going to be a great shot!* connect the PF and begin flow starts after a few seconds looks good! *this is going to be a bl**dy great shot*...

    Then BAM a stream comes pouring out of the naked PF over the lip of the cup and starts making a pool on the bench. Then the shot goes blond REAL quick so I stop it...

    *humph this is going to be average...*

    and so it is, drinkable but not GREAT!

    When I modd my pressurised filter to remove the bottom floor it just barely elongated one of the holes, its probably 50% bigger now than it should be... should I be concerned that this will enhance channeling?

    back to my average cuppa now.... >


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    Re: hate it when... it goes wrong...

    One slightly enlarged hole shouldnt make much difference on your machine...
    Ensuring the grounds are evenly distributed and tamped is however very important.
    If you have much (or any) clumping of the grinds, it is worth making an effort to break it up, I use a very small fork (the type you might pick up a pickled onion with) and circular motion around the basket.
    Tapping the PF on the bench (up and down, not sideways) will help to settle the grinds more evenly before you tamp.
    Good even tamping will help, depending on the clearance of the tamper in the basket, you might need to tamp in the centre, then move to North edge, retamp, then south edge, retamp, East edge and West edge, etc....doesnt have to be literally N,S,E & W just 90degree increments around the basket.


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      Re: hate it when... it goes wrong...

      Originally posted by 6D5A4343465B5B2F0 link=1277168238/1#1 date=1277249994
      One slightly enlarged hole shouldnt make much difference on your machine...
      Define slightly 8-)

      And then go an try it..

      Oh... And try it on the same machine... They are not all = ;D


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        Re: hate it when... it goes wrong...

        Thanks, I have had a couple of good shots so I dont think its the hole thats the culprit...

        My dosing/tamping routine is as follows, grind 3/4 full tap the PF down on the bech once, Grind to above the rim. Stir with a straightened safety pin (sometimes I get clumps sometimes not) then level off with the straight edge of a knife. Tamp once in the middle and 4 times around the edges (like Bullitt described - E,W,N,S) then I go back to the middle tamp again and twist to polish.

        I could definitely do with a better fitting tamper, the one I have is 2 to 3mm smaller than the basket :-? so Im thinking thats not a good thing...

        Coffee is tasting alright, I just know it could be better - and less messy!! ;D