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Mazzer/Giotto Dosing Questions

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  • Mazzer/Giotto Dosing Questions

    Im just wondering if anyone else with this set up would share their dosing technique with me.
    I feel like I may have over complicated things but Im finding if I just dose to the top of the basket and level off with my finger I get channeling etc, If I dose so much into the basket that I can do 2 settling taps and level off with my finger than the dose is too much and the pf is difficult to put in the group head. At the minute Im dosing to the top of the pf then doing two settling taps and then grinding again to the top and levelling off with my finger. Id rather not have to do this though as I feel it creates two levels within the puck. must be obvious, Im perhaps over-thinking this so Id be interested if anyone could inform me of a simple way of achieving good results with a mazzer mini/giotto. Im reluctant to start weighing beans as its not really my style. Im looking for a volume method.

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    Re: Mazzer/Giotto Dosing Questions

    Im a bit the same as you - dont like complication too much. Ive got the same combo you have and I find the way I do it, gets pretty good results.

    I dose into the basket just about to the top, then give it a couple of medium taps on the Mazzers forks and then do a little more dosing until its just over the top, or appearing that theres enough coffee in the basket to fill it up.

    I then take the portafilter away and swipe the placky spoon handle across the top to level things out, making sure that I fill in all the spare space in the basket, so there are no gaps.

    I then tamp it, give it a tap on the tamper and do a spin for the loose bits, load it and then pull the shot.

    Hope thats some help, but unfortunately I think there are so many ways to do things, that there could be another 50 or so methods that would work as well.

    Good luck and remember "keep it simple stupid"


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      Re: Mazzer/Giotto Dosing Questions

      I dont have a Mazzer grinder, but the theory is the same.
      I dose to the top of the basket then level off.
      I place the tamper onto the coffee, not pressing down, using the weight of the tamp only.
      Then dose back to the top of the basket again, level off, then tamp using your preferred tamping pressure.
      This has given me consistently good results with my Giotto over the years.
      Heres a link to a guide which 2mcm posted
      All the best,