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  • Thai/Malay beans

    Hi ya ... new member and this is my first post ...
    Thailand although not normally known for coffee (except out of a packet!) it is where my caffeine affair started off some 10 years ago ... it was dripped through a muslin cloth over a single cup and a packed a powerful punch. I have since been back 6 times and still found this brew dark, bitter and tantalising, yummmm!

    I was told by the owner of the coffee stall that the bean was a local one ... does anyone know if any bean from Thailand/Malaysia can be sourced in Australia?


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    Re: Thai/Malay beans

    Iteresting... I have never seen or heard of good coffee from that area and anything that I had in those two countries 10 years ago was TRAGIC.

    Not to say there isnt good coffee there, more that I didnt find it!


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      Re: Thai/Malay beans

      Oh well ... seems like I will have to source one this myself ... and low and behold ... last week we found out that my other half has a wedding to attend to in Pucket near the end of the year. So a couple of Kgs will hopefuly be on the way home with us, just so long as the sniffer dogs dont get too interested