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  • Saeco at a Job

    Doing some work- Paid, for some people I know who have purchased a Hair Salon..
    Just Got in at 1 tonight, several more nights left, The Salon came with a Saeco so I thought at about 9 pm Ill run it up and have a Cup or 2 as Im working , being a Pessimist I sniffed the ground coffee in the Uber large Tupper Container and tasted It, Decided to drink a Bottle of Soda Water thats been rolling around in the back of the ute all week..
    Now the Funny thing is there was a Tafe Doco there next to it on a Course for People in the Espresso area/(not the right heading but its late and I have been up 20 hours and have to get up in 5 and go again, Ill try and Plunder the Doco and guide the people into putting the Machine out front and getting some local Coffee in small Batches , BTW notes posted on the notice Board out back say nothing about cleaning the Machine..