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espresso membership program ?

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  • espresso membership program ?

    A mate in the USA told me that he knows a few peopel that have signed with an espresso membership program ( ) and for them it was a way of getting coffee and a better machine with out a big upfron $$$ hit.

    Now I understand that some shops may be able to do a deal where they get the Machine at almost nil but are expected to use X amount of beans a week / month etc.

    How long before this takes off here ?

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    Re: espresso membership program ?

    As Barnum said theres a sucker born every minute.

    Under that program youd pay USD$252 directly for the X5 and then a minimum of another USD$1,248 for 26.4 pounds of coffee in the first year plus an additional amount for shipping.

    Thats USD$1,500 plus most likely another $100-$200 in shipping charges.

    And for this you get to enjoy an espresso machine you can buy for USD$300 and stale nasty coffee that wont brew correctly unless you also spend another couple of bills, or more, on a grinder.

    I think Ill pass.

    Java "No sucker here" phile
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