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Interesting smell combinations

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  • Interesting smell combinations

    I just got done roasting up 6 different varieties totaling 4kg in my Gothot and had an interesting olafactory experience. I was roasting away as usual in the 2nd floor bedroom thats been set up as a roastery and as the temp in the room started to rise I opened all the windows to allow the nice cool breeze in. Its now Spring here and all the plants that have been lying frozen all winter are exploding into growth, including the one I always look forward to every year, the lilacs. When the lilacs bloom its a sure sign that winter is over and Spring is here to stay. When these plants start showing their large clusters of flowers its as if someone dumped a perfume factory over the whole neighborhood. The blooms last less than a week but while theyre present they produce an absolutely wonderous aroma that is at peak for 3 or 4 days. They appeared 2 days ago and are now at peak aroma.

    As I was roasting away checking the beans sudden wafts of the lilacs would blow through the room mixing with and at times over-powering the roast smells. It made for some really interesting smells as the lilacs would blend with the roasting and resting coffee smells and at times be so strong that theyd over-power the coffee. There was one stretch there where for over 5 minutes all I could smell was the lilacs.

    Now I love the smell of roasting/resting coffee and I love the smell of lilacs. However, Ive come to the conclusion that I prefere to keep them seperate! When the smells combined it was a slightly unpleasant combination and with the strength of the lilac smell it interferred with the smells of the roasting coffee forcing me to reply more heavily on the beans looks and sounds. Not a real biggy, but I have come to the conclusion that the smell of lilacs and roasting coffee do not go together very well at all.

    Has anybody else had this happen where a smell they really like doesnt go well with the smell of roasting/resting coffee? Or the flip side, where another smell you really like combines wonderfully with the aromas of your roast? Or perhaps a smell you dont normally like that when mixed with the roasting smells suddenly yields a really good smell?

    Im curious as to how the smell of blooming honeysuckle would combine with the roasting coffee aromas. I may have to do a roasting session when the neighbors honeysuckle blooms just to see.

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    Re: Interesting smell combinations

    Ill have to wait a bit for Spring..Autumn just dropped in today in Sydney and its windy and cold Brrrrr. I also love the smell of roasting coffee but SO doesnt . Most times after a late night roasting session as I head towards bed I get "Jesus *hrist you stink....go take a shower".

    I always think the aroma of freshly sawn timber mixes well with the aroma of coffee.